The Millionaire Fastlane
by MJ de Marco

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The millionaire fastlane

The Millionaire Fastlane – by MJ DeMarco

“Crack the code to wealth and live rich for a lifetime”

The book named The Millionaire Fastlane – by MJ DeMarco might be a little uncomfortable to read but it’s a serious punch in the face. This isn’t for everyone, but if you’ve got a bit of a sense that the traditional path isn’t leading to wealth and happiness, this might be the wake up call you need. MJ distinguishes between the Sidewalk (sacrificing tomorrow by always spending more than you earn), the Slowlane (sacrificing today by living frugally and relying on time and hope and compound interest) and the Fastlane (taking control and leveraging time through entrepreneurship to get rick quick).A must read book The Millionaire Fastlane waiting for you


The Millionaire Fastlane – by MJ DeMarco

“All events of wealth are precluded by process, a backstory of trial, risk, hard work, and sacrifice. If you try to skip process, you’ll never experience events.”

You don’t have to settle for mediocrity, you can live rich, retire four decades early and live a life that most cant. The shortcut is cleverly camouflaged from your view, sadly.

Instead of the shortcut, you’re led down a paralyzing road to mediocrity – that road is called the slow lane. Go to school, get good grades, graduate, get a job, save 10%, then someday when you are 65 you will be rich. You have to unlearn what you have learned. How about your dreams? Do they need resuscitation? If your dreams have lost probability, its possible “get rich slow” has killed them.

If you retrace poverty’s footprints you will find it always starts at the same place. Choice! Poor choices are the leading cause of poorness. Our choices have the consequences to transcend decades. You can make a choice right now that can change the trajectory of your future. It is the difference between poverty and wealth. A must read book The Millionaire Fastlane, you can access the podcast here .

The Sidewalk Roadmap -Poorness

 This is the road most travelled. Contract for a pleasurable today in lieu of a more secure tomorrow This is simple equation of money: money outflow exceeds inflow. You could be a millionaire NBA basketballer or a McDonalds cashier, but still be on the sidewalk.

In terms of beliefs, debt allows you to buy things now, you choose a job that pays you the most and you live today and to don’t worry about tomorrow. You put faith in politicians to change the system and are occasionally lured into get rich quick schemes.

You’ll hear the Sidewalkers blaming everyone else for their problems, they’ll say “they laid me off”, “they changed the terms” or “they raised the rent”. MJ met a Sidewalker called Eugene who complained about getting $11.95 an our, because he can’t afford a car or his health insurance. MJ gave him a bitch slap and replied “if you’re tired of making $11 an hour, raise your value to society! Get your ass over to the library”.

The Slowlane Roadmap 

The driving force behind wealth in the Slowlane is time. Weekdays consumed in the office, whilst weekends are spent home “recharging” from the rigors of the workweek.

Slowlaners don’t recognize that wealth is best lived in the prime of your life, not in its twilight after 40 years of 50 hour work weeks, that pulverize your dreams into surrender. Deep in our soul we know this, yet we continue to frightfully pledge obedience to a financial road map that promises wealth after 4 decades. Slowlaners believe time is abundant so they happily trade time for money. The more you pay off your debt and the more you save, the better the odds are that you can retire happily at age 65. The wealth perception is work, save and invest, with the destination being a comfortable retirement in the twilight years.

You might notice on a Friday everyone is pumped up. What makes a Friday so special as opposed to Monday or Wednesday? For Fastlaners it makes no difference – every day is a Saturday, because you haven’t sold your Monday to Friday. For Slowlaners Saturday and Sunday is the payment for Monday through Friday. Friday symbolizes the emergence of that payment: freedom for two days. The prostitution of Monday through Friday is the reason “thank God it’s Friday” exists.

There are plenty of authors who have released personal finance books outlining the Slowlane roadmap. The Barefoot Investor, I will Teach You to Be Rich or Money, Master the Game are a few. But in all of these books they recommend something similar, invest for the long term for compound growth. But you have to ask, did Scott Pape, Tony Robbins and Ramit Sethi get rich following their own advice? No they didn’t! They got rich and bought their Lamborghinis after selling millions of books, games and seminars. They are leveraging the Fastlane roadmap whilst pitching Slowlane dogma.

The Fastlane Roadmap 

The Fastlane is a business system – the Slowlane is a job. Switch teams and playbooks. For a Fastlaner, instead of buying products on TV, you sell products; instead of borrowing money, you lend it and instead of taking a class you offer a class. Break free from consumption, switch sides and reorient to the world as a producer.If you want extraordinary results, you’re going to need extraordinary thinking. Unfortunately, extraordinary is not found trapped in society’s gravity thinking and the beliefs that fuel them.


A Fastlaners time perception is that it is the most important asset you have, far exceeding money. The education perception is to never stop learning, and the money perception is that it is a reflection of the lives you have touched. The destination is passive income as depicted in the book The Millionaire Fastlane

 When you are under 25 you have maximum horsepower. Your choices discharge an incredible amount of firepower. A simple choice that you made 20 years ago is still felt today. Where will each branch of your current decisions lead Fastlane is a process of hundreds of choices. If you are younger than 30 your choices are at peak horsepower because they are growing thick branches of your choice tree.

Value your time poorly and you will be poor.  Some people are happy to drive 2 hours to get a free crispy cream donuts, valuing themselves at $3 per hour. Average American watches more than 4 hours of TV each day, in a 65 year life that is 9 years glued to the tube. Why? Life sucks. Life needs an escape. The greatest theft of humanity is to act as if or time on this Earth is infinite when it isn’t. You can always acquire more money, but you can never acquire more mortality.

Book Summary

Fear of failure is normal, yet failure creates experience and experience breeds wisdom.

You have a challenge, if you want to hit home runs, you have to step up to the plate and swing. Home runs or singles cant be hit sitting on your butt in the dugout or sitting on the couch while killing grunts on Halo. Start striking out! After enough swings acclimating yourself to the velocity of business, contact becomes easier. Grab a copy of life changing book The Millionaire Fastlane , have a glance at book summary 


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