What You Will Learn

‘The Best Bits From The Best Books’. That’s what we deliver with the show. Each and every week, we read a great non-fiction book and share the biggest lessons on our podcast.

We started the show back in June 2016 with four listeners: Ashto, Jonesy, and our mums. We really didn’t know what we were doing, but we just decided to hit ‘record’, then 20 minutes later we hit ‘stop’ and uploaded it to share with the world. We learnt as we went, getting better with each episode, making gradual improvements over time. Today, we’re spending somewhere in the realm of a combined ~25-30 hours for every episode: reading, dissecting, taking notes, making episode plans, recording, editing, writing blog posts, publishing, and sharing.

For two simple blokes who met while working behind the bar at a pub, we’ve been able to build an audience that listens to what we have to say, and we’ve met and interviewed some of our favourite authors and all-time heroes.

Adam Ashton ("Ashto")

After bouncing around between Uni degrees (physiotherapy, economics, finance) then bouncing around between jobs (corporate banking, transport and logistics, digital marketing), I found a lot of the answers I was searching for in books. My favourite books have helped me understand myself better and understand the world better.

I’ve learned about how to test out business ideas, how to better understand other people, and how the world actually is (not how I think it should be). Through reading books and turning them into podcast episodes, I’ve developed my confidence, my speaking abilities and have been consistenly following through on a creative project over many years.

Adam Jones ("Jonesy")

I proudly come from a working class background in Cheltenham, Australia. I’ve gone gone through plenty of phases: study Jones, hippy Jones, bender Jones, travel Jones, surfer Jones… but most recently landed on Book Jones. This was spurred on when I came across my first transformational book: Allen Carr’s The Easy Way to Stop Smoking. This was the great realisation: $25 and 10 hours investment can dramatically alter the course of your life. I essentially swapped the pack-a-day smoking habit for the book-a-week reading habit. Books have since transformed how I move through the world.

I went to university to study to become a Structural Engineer. Interested in sustainability, I was the lead researcher for the Beyond Zero Emissions ‘Rethinking Cement Report’. This influential project led me to see the future in tall timber buildings. Today, my day job is with WoodSolutions where I’m accelerating the transition of mid-rise buildings from concrete to sustainably sourced timber. In 2019, I was named ‘Future Green Leader of the Year’ by the Green Building Council of Australia.

Why We Started The Podcast
  1. Read more books
  2. Improve our retention (remember more from the books we were reading)
  3. Learn a new skill (how to make a podcast)
  4. Remove some of our ‘verbal ticks’ (the ums and ahs that always pop up when we talk)
  5. Become more articulate and a better speaker
  6. Reduce some of our nerves and fears by getting outside of our comfort zone
  7. Learn more by teaching
  8. Maybe, just maybe, someone might listen…