Derek Sivers: Pop Philosophy, Finding the Opposite, Questioning Answers, and Nerding Out About Books

Adam Ashton interviewed Derek Sivers, the author of the book that was our FIRST EVER episode of the What You Will Learn podcast, ‘Anything You Want’. 

We spoke about answering questions then questioning the answers, using creative thinking strategies to find an answer that is the opposite but also true, then we spent a long time nerding out on books. What makes a ‘good’ book? Is there a difference between a book you like and a book you would recommend? How do you pick what book to read next? What are some of your favourite books?

Derek has three new books coming out soon. Keep an eye out for ‘How To Live’.

Check out all of Derek’s books notes and book ratings at:

If you want to contact Derek, you can find that on his website too.

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